Deal 2021 PVIFS 500 lb. Capacity Trash Can and Keg Furniture Dolly for Home

Recently purchased 2 Dolly. One for my friend and one for me. My friend says these Magline, Inc. 500 lb. Capacity Mini Pallets are soo awesome. These Dolly is so versatile. Easy to clean and reversible is a major advantage. Bought in black. We love our Dolly. I can see why he has many criticisms. Love it!!

500 lb. Capacity Hand Truck by Vestil for Home Online

Overall: 44.5'' H x 21'' W x 17.5'' D Overall Product Weight: 38lb.

What is the most comfortable Dolly? Magline, Inc. 500 lb. Capacity Aluminum Hand Truck Dolly

I needed furniture for my new apartment, so I ordered two Dolly for my house, as well as a bed and mattress for my bedroom. I also ordered two sets of dishes, cloth napkins, and placemats for the kitchen. I have nothing but glowing remarks for Wayfair. Quality of everything is AMAZING, and it was all delivered on time--some even earlier than expected! I highly recommend their products and appreciate the awesome customer service!


I was looking for a gift to send someone on a secret Santa exchange and as soon as I saw this Magline, Inc. 500 lb. Capacity Mini Pallet I knew it would be perfect! So cute! Simple and elegant. I bought one for myself and a friend and she loved it.

500 lb. Capacity Mini Pallet by Magline, Inc. for Home Deal 2021

Overall: 21'' H x 14'' W x 2.75'' D Overall Product Weight: 5lb.

How to Buy Maxi-Movers 48 Cubic Feet Turnabout Box Truck for Home

We've ordered most of our furnishings for our new home from Wayfair and I've been very pleased with their service, prices and quality. Delivery is either early or on time. Everything we've received has been complete and in good condition, and when mistakes have been made, their customer service in handling them have been excellent. For example, we ordered an electric fireplace and they sent the wrong model. I called them and was given a 10% refund for our trouble and the new/correct Dolly was here within 7 days and we were told to keep or donate the model that we had originally received, which we're actually going to be able to make use of in our basement.

HotPrice Little Giant USA 1200 lb. Capacity Platform Dolly for Home

I bought this furniture for work, and it has been nothing short of perfect. I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone who is in the market for a Dolly. Very well priced, versatile and good looking Dolly!

Com MF 8 Trolley, Lima by Rolser for Home Top Store of

Overall: 39.77'' H x 18.71'' W x 16.54'' D Overall Product Weight: 7.68lb.

Extra Price McCourt Manufacturing Series 5 1000 lb. Capacity Chair Dolly for Home

I am surprised to see the bad reviews on other website. I have purchased almost all items in my new house from Wayfair and they are really good! I even needed to change my dining chairs and their customer service was the best in the US! They replaced the Dolly with no additional cost and made sure the process was easy on me. I'll definitely keep shopping with them!

Real PRE Sales Rhino Chair Dolly for Home

These Magline, Inc. 500 lb. Capacity Mini Pallet was my first purchase. When I saw it online it really sparked an interest. When I received it I was so excited by the beauty of it. So simple but very personal. I am very impressed with him. It could have done better to fit the elegance of the Dolly.

Deals Midas Event Supply Table Truck For 48" Up To 72" Table Dolly for Home

Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 44'' Overall Product Weight: 109lb.

On sale Vestil 600 lb. Capacity Hand Truck for Home

Ordered new Dolly. Great sale prices. Beautiful furniture and I've gotten lots of compliments. The Dolly originally came damaged. I called Wayfair while delivery guys were still there. They ordered a replacement and told me to keep the damaged one until the new one came. New one was delivered about 2-3 weeks later in perfect condition. Sometimes, people have to realize Wayfair is a fulfillment house--you place the order, they place it with the manufacturer and it is shipped from there.